Back in 1999

What do Blackberry OS, Counter-Strike, or MS Frontpage have in common? Well, they were launched on the market in 1999, the same year IBM presented PC-DOS 2000, making PC-DOS Y2K compliant. The same year Napster, Salesforce, and Alibaba are founded.

From a computer analyst turned salesperson and a geneticist turned web programmer, the idea of marketing a 100% online platform with pedagogical resources to support teaching and training arose.

The same objectives and motivations that led us to found Webschool SL in 1999 are still valid today.

Obviously, technology and our adaptation to our products and services have changed a lot.

I won’t say we started in a garage, but almost. From a modest PC, we connected to the Internet with a 33.6 kbp/s modem. And we did it hand in hand with technologies such as JAVA 1.0 to code the engines for interactive and self-learning activities before moving on to the now-defunct Macromedia Flash.

Back in 1999, David Bowie made some predictions about the Internet, and the dot-com bubble had already started a couple of years before and would peak in 2000 when it imploded.

At that time, we were tempted to participate in the speculative fever at the hands of two venture capital companies. Finally, we did not allow ourselves to be dazzled by the “big profits” that were promised to us without any guarantee that we would be rewarded for the enormous work required.

We have never regretted not letting ourselves go. At that time, we opted for our own resources, in a micro-enterprise, self-employment model.

Now we are in 2023, and with the same enthusiasm we want to stop being a micro. With a presence in more than 20 countries on three continents and more than 60,000 active monthly users, another model is necessary to grow. These are consolidated figures from years ago. And the company’s workforce growth since 2021 reflects this desire for change..

But we do not measure success by whether we are many or few, whether we are large or small, but rather whether our business project is useful and attractive to our customers and users. Our model remains the same: if you win, we win.

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