About Bringapps

If we consult the meaning of the phrasal verb “bring up” in the dictionary, we find a couple of meanings:

1. Look after a child until it is an adult

2. Raise a matter for consideration

We also find some interesting synonyms such as: make, create, promote, upgrade, elevate.

With the name Bringapps, we make a play on words since “bring up” and “bringapp” are homophone expressions.

Bringapps is the name of the new project born in Webschool using immersive technologies and applying artificial intelligence in some key processes. If we add more than 20 years of Webschool experience, we have all the necessary ingredients to develop tools that meet the requirements we impose on ourselves.

Bringapps is Webschool’s new set of digital content management applications for learning and knowledge assessment.

Webschool’s main goals for Bringapps products and services include providing new and innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Customization is also essential, as it allows the educational organization to tailor its offerings to the unique requirements of each individual client. Additionally, Webschool’s services strive to “get the job done” efficiently and effectively while also working to reduce costs for our clients. Convenience is also a key consideration, as Webschool aims to make our services as easy and accessible as possible. By focusing on these key areas, Webschool can ensure that it provides our clients with the highest level of service and value.

Bringapps applications are characterized by high performance and efficiency, ensuring that they deliver the desired results in a timely manner. The design of the applications is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for clients to understand and utilize. Additionally, we strive to offer competitive pricing for our services, balancing the cost with the quality of the service.

Our services help educational organizations build a strong brand status that helps to establish trust and credibility with customers and can differentiate them from competitors. This can be especially important when there is a lot of competition, or trust is a key factor in customer decision-making.

Accessibility is of utmost importance to us. We understand that making our products and services accessible to a wide range of users is essential to ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to benefit from them. This includes making our offerings available to individuals with disabilities and those with limited resources and providing multiple ways to access our products and services, such as via a website or mobile app. We also strive to make our products and services easy to use and navigate so that even those without a lot of technical expertise can benefit from them. Furthermore, we consider language and cultural accessibility a fundamental aspect of accessibility. We provide multiple language options and cultural adaptability in our products and services. We believe that by putting accessibility at the forefront of our designs, we can create solutions that truly meet the needs of all users and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Bringapps products and services are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of training and educational needs. They offer a versatile solution that can be tailored to many different types of training, including employee training, professional development, and continuing education. Additionally, Bringapps products and services are applicable to various industries such as healthcare, technology, finance, retail, and many more. Our solutions are designed to be easy to use and customizable, allowing users to adapt them to their specific needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to train your employees on new software or equip your sales team with the latest product knowledge, Bringapps products and services can be an effective solution.

Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of both training centers and company training and human resources departments. We understand that these organizations have unique needs when it comes to training and development, and we have developed solutions to address these needs. For training centers, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be used to deliver high-quality training to students and professionals. This includes a wide range of e-learning content and tools for creating and delivering training programs. For company training and human resources departments, we offer solutions that can be used to train employees on a wide range of topics, including new products, software, and regulations. We aim to provide a comprehensive approach that can help both training centers and company training and human resources departments achieve their objectives on Learning and Development (L&D), increase their performance and productivity, and create a more skilled workforce.

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