Hello 2023

We would like to talk a little about what is happening in the world that surrounds us and welcomes us. We could start this text by explaining how the coronavirus, the war, the energy crisis, or climate change have affected us. We could also talk about how the images obtained by the James Webb space telescope can help us in our lives. Or the predictions of protein structures made by artificial intelligence of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that will help to create new drugs and vaccines.

Beyond the big headlines, good news abounds from countries around the world, from Belize to the United States of America, Bangladesh, Burundi, Australia, Mexico, Pakistan or France, with hundreds of initiatives to improve human rights, the protection of nature, or end discrimination based on sex, gender or sexual orientation, to name a few.

It makes no sense to say that there is a lot of work to do as the work always continues, and you have to fight to reach new milestones and defend the conquests, day after day.

Some of these conquests are related to the right to education or to a decent job. If jobs were completely unnecessary overnight for everyone, we would still need and want to train and learn. We have the need to learn deep within ourselves.

The tools to carry out teaching/learning actions evolve and are being incorporated into the methodologies, both directed and self-learning, in their different modalities.

At my children’s school, they say they prepare kids for uncertainty. I think that, in addition, they prepare them “within” the uncertainty due to changes and crises that also affect pedagogical activities. What would have happened without technological tools during confinement?

But the tools must be validated and, therefore, tested, setting their goals and evaluating their results. Also, there are all kinds of tools out there, some good, some acceptable, and some really bad.

The criteria must be clear when choosing the tools to achieve the set goals. And it would help if we don’t get dazzled by what is objectively a technological advance but doesn’t mean improving processes.

Immersive technologies, artificial intelligence, and natural language are vital to improve processes and to optimize human and material resources. However, change is necessary, adopting new ways of doing things when the available technological tools warrant it. This is why from Webschool, we propose a renewal to build new projects gradually.

Converting these technologies into services for the educational community is our purpose. However, with some non-negotiable conditions: they must add value and create opportunities for our customers and their users.

This post is the first message of a new stage for Webschool. If you want to know more about the projects we are starting this 2023, you can follow us here or on social networks.

And if you want to know if we have achieved our goals, we invite you to read us in January 2024.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you an excellent 2023.

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