After #4YFN #MWC23

It has been a very intense and exciting few days. We have seen how we came out of the burrow to touch the street again and talk to them in person without masks. We have verified that the new normality is more and more like the old one.

For four days, we have verified that we are doing it well and have to go fast, as well as our clients. Our proposals for using AI to generate educational or assessment content have been very well received, as well as the proposal that content initially created to work online can be dynamically incorporated into immersive VR and AR environments.

Now we have started to capture the value of all the work done. That is why we must finish bringing our proposals to all possible target audiences, training centers, and companies willing to generate personalized content adapted to customer needs.

It is challenging to communicate new ideas, mainly if they are based on concepts more familiar to the specialized public: this is our challenge, and we embrace it with great enthusiasm. But the interest shown by those who have visited us in our explanations reaffirms that we have value propositions regarding simplicity and cost savings for our customers.

With this post, we start a new series of publications where we will show details of the latest products in the coming weeks.

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